Gigatt café in Riverside NJ

Gigatt Café in Riverside NJ has a menu that has a little something for everyone. From their tasty chicken wings and French fries to pasta and seafood platter, it all taste really good. I quickly stopped in last weekend just to see how things were going. If you remember reading my previous post about Gigatt Café (click here), I was a little reluctant to rate it as a very great experience. While the food was good it took a little longer than usual to get our food. But once again keeping things in perspective, it was just their trial run without a few key staff members. My wife and I were enjoying the company of the Moses as we were waiting for our meal. Reminiscing in time with great friends over really good food at Gigatt Café made it for being a very enjoyable evening.

Ok, now more on my most current experience from this past weekend at Gigatt Café. I was actually driving my sister home from the Riverton Country Club from her meeting about an event that she was planning there. When she was done she said that he had a taste for chicken wings and fries. I told her that I knew of just the place just minutes away along the Rancocas waterway in Riverside. It was about 8pm as we arrived at Gigatt Café. As we walked in I notice that the atmosphere was different as well was a couple of new employees too. We placed our order to go then we took in the beautiful waterway view from the deck outside. As we were outside we noticed that they spruced up the tables with nice new linen from which was not there before. As we came back in the owner was just coming in the front door. As I approached him he asked me “Well what do you think”?  I told him that we were just passing through and we decided to get a quick bite to take home. I also told him that I did like the full staff and the new decorated tables outside. The owner said everything is still work in progress and more improvements were planned.

As far as our food goes, the taste and portions were great. I even timed them and it only took 18 minutes for fresh hot food to take home. I ordered a serving of chicken wings, french fries, New England clam chowder and a slice of pumpkin cake to go. As I was paying for my order the owner struck up a quick baseball conversation up. The owner walked us out the door and then realized that more people were still coming in. Thank goodness we were leaving when we did because the place was filling up a little bit. Even though I got home about 20 minutes later my chicken wings and fries were still very warm and my soup was definitely hot. My wife and I shared the food and were stuffed. Even my 13 year old had a couple of chicken wings and said it was very good. But the telling moment was when my wife asked me where got the food from, and all I did was allow her to taste the New England clam chowder and she knew right away where the food came from. Once again, if you are a lover of New England clam chowder…You Have to try it Gigatt Café style!

Gigatt Café is on the right track of being one of the best kept secret eating places in Burlington County.

Gigatt Cafe at 625 Harrison Street – Riverside, NJ 08075

Bruce Jacobs

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