Gigatt Café opens Riverside New Jersey

Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering of Riverside New Jersey is now officially open for business. In my last article about Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering they had a pre-opening run with a Bring a Friend and or Family member. For $25 you had a four course meal that included drinks in a very light and pleasant atmosphere.  While there were lots of the owner family members, there enough friends there too. It was such pleasure to be sitting with Vernon Moses and his lovely wife. Catching up with old NJ Elements and Tri-State Arsenal baseball times while breaking bread at Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering was just the tip of the evening (more info).

Now understand that this was the very first time that Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering has opened its doors to serve food. Even though I knew that the owner can really cook, but I know that he couldn’t cook everything and serve the food too. Even though this was just supposed to be a trial run, I think more people came out than he thought would come. There’s about seating for 60 inside and another 30 outside on the deck that overlooks the water. While I must say that I’m not a professional food critic, I think that my taste is good and my opinions are honest. Coming from the mindset of the typical consumer that’s looking for good service, good food and value… Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering has a chance to be a smashing hit.

Now don’t get me wrong folks, there were some expected and unexpected happenings that was good and maybe not so good. The not so good was that some people waited longer than normal. Even though this was supposed to be a test run, what slowed them down was that owner had to meet and greet people and cook plus they were also missing another chef…  BUT it was worth the wait. Even as I looked around and saw others waiting too, nobody complained when they got their food. It was almost like an E.F Hutton moment because there was silence as the forks were scraping their plates! When people finished their food, the once chatter turned into laughter and grins as everyone bellies was stuffed.

Even though each meal came with desert, most people had to take it home because they could not finish their main course. The food was excellent while the portions were just right. Actually I think the portions were a little too much but I somehow manage to finish the entrée as I refused to put down my fork. I had the Linguini with Shrimp and it was right on point. For a minute I thought I was at the Olive Garden until I looked over at my wife King Crab Legs, Shrimp and Fish Seafood platter.  By the way if you think you love New England clam chowder …Think Again! I’ve tasted so many versions of New England clam chowder of many places from the North to the East, West and South, but this taste sticks out among them all. Gigatt Café New England clam chowder is not only so good but it definitely has its own unique flavor that will have you going back for more!

If you’re looking for a tasty meal, friendly servers in a nice quaint setting by the water then stopping by Gigatt Café Banquets & Catering of Riverside New Jersey should be a good deal for you. I know that various functions are being planned to take place throughout the year.  There might even be a Monday night football special too. I do know that my friend Vernon son plays for Green Bay Packers and who knows…maybe we can get his son there for the kids. I know we bleed green but this player is from here too. Oh how do I wish the Eagles would have signed him.

  Gigatt Cafe at 625 Harrison Street – Riverside, NJ 08075

Bruce Jacobs

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