Club Wyndham Resorts Timeshare

A Wyndham Vacation Club representative called and told me that they could show me a way to way to vacation cheaper and better while attending my son baseball tournament this past July in Myrtle Beach SC. I figure a family of 6 that included my four sons, show me what you have. After all who don’t like saving money right? Well I must say that the Wyndham Vacation Club representative knew just how to do it.

They arranged for us to stay at the Bay Watch Resort penthouse suite overlooking the white sands on Myrtle Beach. Not bad considering we paid less than $500 for 4 nights / 5 days plus the ammentities were not to bad either. The beach, game room, and several swimming pools kept the kids busy between games and the full kitchen saved us a ton of money from eating out 3 times a day in resturaunts.

We then went to see a Wyndham Vacation Club timeshare presentation and what showed us just blew us away. We already own a timeshare property in Florida but what they showed us just makes so much more sense than anything we have ever seen before. Not only can you stay at luxury condos for the price of what we already have been spending on hotels, you can even stay at hotels too and still save money. Even if you only need to stay just 2 or 3 nights, the Wyndham Vacation Club has something for you!

More than 800,000 members trust Wyndham Vacation Ownership to provide exquisite accommodations and deluxe quality service at over 140 resort properties worldwide. If that is enough options for you can also tap into the RCI timeshare exchange worldwide network, with nearly 4,000 resort destinations spanning over 100 countries.

Your dream vacation for life can be found through the Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Whether its that Disney vacation in Florida, the most visited sands in Myrtle Beach SC, or even something more exotic like traveling to Europe or a run away to the Caribbean, the Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership provides five-star service and amenities wherever your imagination may take you.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to vacation, please fill in your contact info. I will make sure that a Club Wyndham Vacation Ownership representative speaks to you about any special offers like gave me that they can pass onto you too. If you rather call them yourself, please let them know that I (Bruce Jacobs – from NJ) gave you this info.

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