A Wellness Network that Makes Sense

The Youngevity wellness network was a simple home-based business choice for me and many others that just makes sense. The Youngevity wellness network has products that range from under $10 to $30 or more that are impacting lives every day! My biggest reason why I chose to work the Youngevity home-based business is because it’s one of the simplest ways to effectively improve the health and wealth of anyone who honestly wants those changes in their lives. The “Youngevity 90 for Life” wellness campaign is affecting the health and wealth of so many people throughout the world every single day. What started out as one company almost 16 yrs. ago have now attracted the likes of many Scientist, Doctors, Health & Wellness Trainers and CEO’s of other companies in joining Youngevity because of their integrity, leadership and commitment and passion in assisting anyone who wants to live longer but younger.

With literally hundreds of innovative and technologically advanced products to choose from, Youngevity was a simple choice for me to operating my own home-based business. This business was as simple as re-directing my normal monthly and sharing the concept with others. The concept of sharing products with others can be hang-up for some. But the sharing concept becomes very easy when others around you start to see how you look and are feeling different from day to day. So Instead of buying from the grocery, department, or drug store, My wife and I can now purchase our vitamins, mineral supplements, skin care, makeup, jewelry and personal care items from our own personalized online wellness store… and you can too. Since we all make these kind of health and beauty purchases every month anyway, why not get paid for it?

Let me ask you a few simple questions… Who do you know that purchase some of the simple things in life such as chocolate candy, coffee or even sports drinks? What if you could consume these same type of products but with unmatched quality with more health benefits at the similar or even cheaper prices than what you’re paying right now…why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Who do you know that visit the Wal-Mart health section, GNC, Vitamin World and other nutritional wellness stores looking to supplement their health and or looking to lose weight? Once Again…What if you could consume these same type of products but with advance proven quality and added health benefits at similar or even cheaper prices than what you’re paying right now… PLUS with an option to earn your purchase for free every month – why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

As you progress within the Compensation Plan you’ll gain more compensation opportunities-up to Nine different ways!

1. Retail Profits

2. Unilevel Commissions / Residual Income

3. Infinity Bonuses

4. Quick Start Bonuses

5. Reactivation Bonuses

6. Leadership Bonuses

7. Monthly Silver Mercedes Car Bonuses

8. Revenue Sharing

9. Luxury Car Bonuses

To me it was the best $10 investment that anyone can ever make. I myself like the $99 entry level because its affordable for many people. BUT if you are of the serious minded person, the $399 entry level will be your best deal. I can’t tell you how many people get in at the other 2 levels only to call the company and ask them to upgrade them all the way up…but Yes there are a few more products and for the upgrade. Besides leaving any money on the table doesn’t make much sense if you’re serious about making money in a global industry that’s almost a trillion dollars in revenue. All I can say is that Yes I have reps in my downline that don’t make a dime. I can also say that I have upline members that make a few hundred, few thousand and even a few million dollars each year. When you join my group, please make sure you ask me who you would like to learn from… the No money earners or the Top money earners!

Now It’s your choice – Click Here Now

Bruce Jacobs

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