Arsenal ReboundFX Sports Drink

My name is Bruce Jacobs the father of outfielder Jeremy Jacobs. As the summer heats up with our tournament competition so will our players bodies. With June’s heat and humidity coming along with Florida’s heat and Myrtle Beach humidity, now is the time to start thinking about proper hydration solutions.
While I do not claim to have a medical degree, I can only relay to you my research and what has worked for other players that I know. I know many of us has been lead to believe that replenishing with Water, Gatorade, PowerAde, and Propel type sport drinks will lead to proper hydration. If you feel as though that method is working for your son, then please keep on with what’s been working and disregard the rest of this info.
If you’re one of the parents still looking for another type of sports drink maybe because you still see your son struggling with hydration, cramping and energy issues during, between and after the games, then ReboundFX might be something you may want to consider. The theory behind ReboundFX is that they believe in replenishing as many of the essential nutrients that our athletes loose when their bodies sweat due to physical and or mental stress.
Medical science studies have shown that each drop of sweat is like a soup of all the nutrients flowing throughout our body. The only question now is would you rather replenish just the few basic elements such water, electrolytes, sodium, sugar that’s found in Gatorade or add 100 plus other essential nutrients like amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, herbs and vitamins our hydration and replenishment process. Replenishing with 100 plus essential nutrients should not only help support the hydration process but also help support the recovery process as well. Understand there is a big difference between Hydrating and Recovery. Hydration gets you to your minimum while Recovery gets you closer to your maximum operating levels.
ReboundFX was initially created for NBA All-Star Mr. Theo Ratliff, formerly of Philadelphia 76’rs. Mr. Ratliff had some loss of cartilage issues due to not replenishing his lost nutrients throughout his basketball career. After visiting with the doctors at Youngevity Life Sciences, they not only helped him with stabilizing his cartilage issues via nutrition and exercise program but they created ReboundFX to help him replace the same nutrients through his nutrition program that he was sweating out every day. Youngevity Life Sciences is a 20 year old company that has Olympic, Pro, Amateur and Youth athletes from all over consuming an array of their 500 plus products. Youngevity Life Sciences was and still may also be listed in the back of your doctor medical reference book too.
ReboundFX is the sponsored drink of the Pro WBA league. Various sport and athletic trainers such as the Denver Nuggets are now letting their clients know about the Hydrating and Replenishing abilities of ReboundFX. For $1.17 per serving is not bad for a real sports drink with real nutrients (Not Trace Amounts) to help our sons to replenish and restore their energy in the heat of the battle! Why just hydrate when you can do so much more for your young athletes. Now since our sons are going to have drink something to hydrate and replace those very important and essential nutrients that they lose during every game or practice, wouldn’t ReboundFX be a real wise choice.



Theo Ratliff on his health & nutrition with TGY products at

Hey Arsenal  parents we can also do a real easy and simple fundraiser with ReboundFX too! If this is something that may peak your interest, please let me know and I can post a quick blog post giving you more detail.

Also Mr. Steve Hess who is the Fitness trainer of the Denver Nuggets and Under Armour has now been appointed to this company Sports Advisory Board because of his knowledge and belief of the products such as ReboundFX. You can see Mr. Steve Hess Bio by Clicking Here.

Bruce Jacobs

ReboundFX Sports Drink


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