Reboundfx vs Gatorade Testimony

ReboundFX is not only a much healthier choice than Gatorade, Powerade and others but is also proving to be a real money saver too. I was just talking to a parent about how ReboundFX ingredients provides over 70 minerals plus vitamins, herbs, antioxidants and more for less than $1.25 per serving. Not only will it hydrate her baseball player better but it will also give your ball player more sustainable energy throughout the game. Her response was ” That Reboundfx vs Gatorade stuff sounds good but I can get Gatorade for about a $1″. The funny thing was that the very next inning her son ran out of the Gatorade so she went to buy one from the concession stand for $1.75 a bottle. It is a common to see Gatorade and other sports drink around the country being sold in the price range of about $1.50 – $2.50 at some of these concession stands depending what baseball tournament you are in. As a matter of fact some tournament don’t even let you bring in your own sport drinks as you must buy it there at the event.

It gets better because another ball player was telling his mother that he also just ran out too. So I opened up a small packet of ReboundFX mix into that players empty bottle and asked the mother if I could use some of the water in her thermos…and what do you know her player was hydrating before you knew it. There was no standing in long concession lines and over paying for it either. The first mother saw that and said ” well that was convenient” and I said “yup and Less expensive too”.  If nothing else, having a few packs of ReboundFX on hand is the way to go to save you money, time and to help give your athlete the added advantage of healthy sustainable natural energy throughout the game.


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You can more info at or by clicking here.
Bruce Jacobs


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