NAPower home-based business opportunity

NAPower is delivering a powerful home-based business opportunity in the newly deregulated gas and electric industry. The concept of giving away a savings for free to everybody that uses electric is pretty cool. The concept of hundreds of major charitable companies that you know can also benefit every time a NAPower customer saves money is just as cool. What’s even cooler is that you now have a home-base business service that lands your business opportunity in the office of every building, in the sanctuary of every church and also in the living room of every home in the United States of America.

If you read my blogs hopefully you know that my main focus is helping people get healthy and wealthy in the process. ..(if they chose). Every product that I blog about comes from one company called Youngevity Life Sciences. From functional beverages such as Zradical, Functional healthy coffees of JavaFit, healthy chocolates that even many diabetics can consume, to even the healthiest sports drinks the industry has yet to see, healthy skincare products that will beautify like no other and more… Youngevity has something for everyone at affordable prices but with science and support that’s not normally found in the health and wellness industry.

The downfall to many of our business that we promote is that while we may have products that work and services that we can all benefit from… they are not MANDATORY! That’s what makes the NAPower business opportunity so powerful. Every home, church, business, school, grocery store and so on needs what NAPower has every day. People will pay that gas & electric bill every day without even thinking about it because if they want to eat, take a bath or even watch a little TV…they need it. In other words our gas & electric services are Not An Option…its Mandatory and NAPower can provide us all those services at real nice savings to what we are currently paying in many areas today in the USA.

This to me defines the phrase “A Real No-Risk Business Opportunity”: The ability to get paid to promote a mandatory product or a service to everyone that walks, talk or breathe that’s at a lower cost to what the consumer are now paying. .. with No Upfront investment to get started. This what NAPower prides to anyone and everyone throughout the United States of America. They are recognized by the Better Business Bureau, Inc.500, and even Forbes magazine over the past 12 months for many different but good reasons. If you are looking for an opportunity to get paid in an industry where everyone you know is a real potential customer that will rewards you residually month after month for as long as they would like to save money when heating their home and or watching TV with no money to get started… then I have the right guy and right team to help you get started.

I’ve been privileged to know and have a whole lot of respect for a gentleman that I have known personally for 15 years now. No matter industry, product or services he has ever had his hands on he knows how to build and train individuals while helping many companies along the way. When one of his partners called me and said he was heading to NAPower as a consultant, I said my man John must know something. When I heard that he may have settled in as VP of marketing that spoke huge volume and said pay attention! Mr. John Costino has over 22 years of Global Network Marketing Experience. . In his early days in pay to play at $500 per Representative he built a team of over 125,000 billing $7.2 million per month in much lower priced phone bills. Mr. Costino has also done No investment and no risk hugely successfully on 2 previous occasions both as a field associate building a team of 250,000 in 3 years and as an owner building a company of 850,000 in 2 years. People say there is no money in free home-based businesses, but Mr. Costino can give you all you need to succeed. NAPower does offer a 19.95 monthly fee OPTION for people that don’t live in their selected service areas.

Get the info and Get on one of Mr. John Costino partner team by calling Mr. John Costino 5 minute sizzle call641-715-3800 pin 58681#. You can join the fastest growing NAPower team and get trained by Mr. John Costino by visiting

Bruce Jacobs

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