ReboundFX Sports Drink Rewards You

Would you consider introducing a healthier alternative to Gatorade to your ball players and contacts? This product comes in small convenient packages that players can just add it to their water bottles while training. It also comes in small canisters that teams can mix into their 5 gallon coolers too. Either way they can actually hydrate and replenish more effectively than before with all the other so called sports drink for almost the same price or even maybe cheaper than before. Take a look at my ReboundFX Blog by Clicking Here, watch the short video and tell me what you think.


I’ve gone to many AAU, USSSA, Perfect Game and other national baseball tournament events over the last 10 years or more. I’ve watch people pay $2.00 or more for a bottle of Gatorade that has 75 or more less nutrients than the ReboundFX nutritional sports drink. The ReboundFX sports drink mix can be purchased for as low as $1.25 per serving and be sold for the the same $2.00 (or more) that people are all ready paying for right now. The beautiful thing is that you can be supplying your players a real sports drink with real nutrition with a real taste that they will love. Do your players a favor and make it available via your website or keep a few on hand…either way – everybody get’s rewarded

Note: Let me know if you want me to reserve your website for free at . Your website will look like mine at

Bruce Jacobs

Proper Hydration via Replenishing Over
100 Quality Nutrients Can Help Your Body to “REBOUND“!
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