Java Impact Mushroom Coffee

Javafit understands that millions of people love a cup of hot, delicious gourmet coffee. The aromatic aroma, the smooth warming taste – the happy, satisfying feeling your favorite brew gives you, it’s no wonder that coffee is the #1 daily beverage of choice for most of the people in the world! With Javafit, they have found a way to make that great tasting cup of coffee even better and Java Impact was born! Javafit has blended the medicinal mushrooms that for thousands of years have been recognized for their power to improve health, vitality, and longevity. This is an important discovery to anyone who researches natural healing with the major hurdle being how to find high quality mushroom sources and incorporate them into a natural daily diet.

When recent studies were published revealing the exciting new health benefits of drinking coffee, a few companies were enamored with the idea of combining the important healing benefits of mushrooms with the healing and endurance discoveries of coffee. This led to the creation of Ganoderma and Reishi enhanced coffees across the world. The major challenge to what seemed a certain path to success: the taste. Those initial mushroom coffees had little regard for the rich, full-bodied experience of a delicious home brew and instead left people dissatisfied with the watered down blandness of an average instant coffee, or worse, with a bitter taste in their mouths commonly associated with Reishi mushrooms. It seemed that coffee that was good for you would never taste like good coffee to you…Until Java Impact.

Stay tuned for my next press release on “Java Impact” which is a premium gourmet organic coffee from organic coffee beans that are roasted and then infused with a healthy full spectrum powdered extract of 14 beneficial organic mushrooms – making the “Java Impact” natural coffee the only gourmet blend of this type on the market!

Bruce Jacobs


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