JavaFit Coffee

The JavaFit Coffee product line is a formulated blend of 100% premium Arabica coffee from the finest regions of Latin America. Their experienced staff carefully hand selects your freshly roasted gourmet beans to create a delicious, full-bodied yet smooth flavor. You can enjoy an entire pound of the sublime taste and powerful aroma that only the world’s best beans can produce.

JavaFit’s whole bean coffee is an inviting wake up call to a delicious gourmet flavor. The taste of their unique blends is consistent throughout their product line, making it easy to find the one that best suits your lifestyle. Many of JavaFit consistently rich, gourmet coffees are packed with vitamins, minerals and other organic supplements to get you through your day.

Whether it’s a brisk winter morning or a cool Christmas night, a hot cup JavaFit coffee can not only warm you up but also support your health too. Healthy coffee is what JavaFit is all about not only with the finest hand selected Arabica coffee beans but also added vitamins, minerals and other organic nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle. I personally myself have never been a coffee drinker until I tasted the JavaFit coffee, especially their Java Impact line.

From Maxwell House to Starbucks, the 14 organic variations of mushrooms with a smooth but full body taste of the Java Impact coffee is simply the best I’ve ever tasted. I never liked the taste or smell of mushrooms but when I found out how healthy the Ganoderma and Reishi mushrooms can be PLUS that you really can’t taste it, made it a No-Brainer for me. Stay tuned for my press release on the Java Impact update!

Understand that JavaFit don’t do Flavored coffees but rather coffees with purpose and Functions. Today is your day to enjoy the one that fits your lifestyle. JavaFit goes beyond your basic organic coffee. Join the Javalution by getting your free preferred customer membership to enjoy your 30% off regular retail prices today and on all future orders too at !

Bruce Jacobs


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