JavaFit Coffee Homebase Business

JavaFit wants you to Get Paid in the Multi-Billion dollar coffee industry with a startup investment that you can afford. The concept is real simple: Get Wealthy with a Healthy Coffee! 4 Billion cups of coffee are consumed each day and chances are you know a few of them. Understand that JavaFit coffee is not an “Instant Coffee” that’s injected with subpar nutrients while trying to stake the claim that it’s a healthy coffee like others. JavaFit is a category creator as a Full Functional coffee that’s packed with real vitamins, real minerals and real nutrients to help you reach your wellness goals while enjoying a rich and smooth full-bodied flavor..

JavaFit coffee has been making the national morning news media for a few years now, which is free advertising for you. Not only do you have this free form of advertising working for you, you’ll have access to videos, brochures, single serve samples, 24/7 training, support, state of the art websites and more! Remember 4 Billion cups of coffee are being consumed each day. What percentage or how much of 4 Billion cups would you like to Get paid On? Police, Construction workers, Teachers, Hospital workers, Athletes, and others you know consumed 1 or 2 cups per day. This is a residual income opportunity with a No-Brainer refill.

JavaFit coffees are made from 100% premium, hand select Arabica coffee grown in finest regions of Latin America and carefully roasted to create a delicious, full-bodied flavor. Understand that Starbucks, Maxwell house and other coffees won’t pay you a dime, but JavaFit will. Refer 3-4 friends and you could earn your JavaFit coffee for free. Refer a few more and watch your income soar! Now as your friends  taste the difference and feel healthier,  your bank account will get wealthier as they tell a 1 or 2 of their friends too! Remember the concept is real simple: Get Wealthy with a Healthy Coffee! When people you know go for their refill, just ask them “What’s in Your cup” and then fill them up with JavaFit healthy organic coffee!

JavaFit Coffee Homebase Business– It’s Time We Make Some Money


Bruce Jacobs

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1 Response to JavaFit Coffee Homebase Business

  1. Joan Bryan says:

    I am interested in the Javafit coffee business, please call me and my phone #203-891-6261, what is the start up cost

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