ReboundFX Fundraiser

Every ball player you know will consume some type of nutritional liquid such as Gatorade, PowerAde and the list goes on without even thinking of it. Ball players are trained by coaches and echoed by parents and commercials to “Hydrate” when they workout and or play at all times. Please understand that when we sweat, our sweat is like a soup of all the nutrients within our body. You’re not just loosing water, sodium, potassium…but also vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients too! Can you now understand why some athletes still seem to cramp up or even seem a little lethargic even though they’ve been drinking tons of liquids? Don’t get me wrong, water by itself, Gatorade and other sports drink are still good if that’s all you got. Remember that our sweat is like a soup of all the nutrients within our body.

Logical thinking would lead one to think that the more nutrients you can replace would be more beneficial right? So why do we still consume so many of these sports drinks that have very little nutrients? Two of the most popular advertised sport drinks have less than 5 nutrients while ReboundFX has over 100 nutrients. Hopefully you see that replacing just 3 or 4 nutrients like water, sodium, potassium, sugars may not be enough when our bodies are facing the stressful challenges under the heat during double header ball games. If your baseball players are serious about hydrating by replenishing the nutrients they loose during workouts practices and tournament games…ReboundFX is something they may want to take a look at. Reboundfx is so much more than just a sports drink! Reboundfx offers a balance of various vitamins, multiple antioxidants, natural herbs and more than 75 essential minerals.

ReboundFX has another advantage too! How would your organization like to get paid every time one of your players hydrate themselves during workouts practices and tournament games with the ReboundFX sports drink? Your players and parents are going to hydrate themselves during games anyway, it mind as well be with ReboundFX. The fundraising opportunities with ReboundFX are numerous! Put the ReboundFX logo up on your organization website and educate your parents on the benefits of the players consuming ReboundFX. Every time a parent purchases a canister, a bottle or the travel packages of ReboundFX…Your organization get’s paid. If your parents share ReboundFX with others, the organization gets paid again. As a matter of fact the parents can also earn enough money to pay for some ReboundFX too…it’s like getting their player some ReboundFX for Free!

Help your players have a Healthy Unfair Advantage during those hot summer days, tense workout trainings with liquid hydration that some of the pros like Theo Ratliff of the La Lakers use for ultimate health replenishing and recovery. Gatorade don’t pay your organization a dime for having your players to consume their beverage that only replaces no more than 5 nutrients. Now your organization can get paid every month by allowing your players to replace and replenish over 100 nutrients for ONLY about .25 cents more!

If you would like to share this product with your baseball, basketball, football or any other sport players from your organization, Help them Save 30% off regular retail pricing, Get your Free Rebound Sports Drink ”Customer Only” account by Clicking Here Now!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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