Jenkins Family

Hello Jenkins Family members and Friends,

If you have not heard by now…YES we have booked our 2 houses for the
Thanksgiving Week 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was not an easy booking as this
area is expensive with a lot of very large expensive homes. After searching page
after page, sending email after email and making phone call after phone call, we
finally found 2 homes that are about 12 miles apart. Both houses will
accommodate the group of 19 people that plans to go. We will forward the
complete addresses for travel directions in a separate email shortly to all that
are going.

The only downer in this trip info is that we had a family that had a just
recent and unexpected situation that will not allow them to travel to Florida
with us this year. Unfortunately we had already secured our 2 houses with this
family in the count so our normal collected expense of $125.00 per person will
rise to $135.00. You can send the $10 now or give it to us when we get down
there on Weds. (Nov.23rd). On the plus side we all will have a little bit more
room to be a little bit more comfortable. We now have 8 bedrooms to share with
19 people instead of 21 people. We will miss the couple but I promised them
plenty of pictures and phone conversations with us all.

Now for the good stuff!

The food menu committee did not take long to prepare the menu. As it stands
right now, “My Oh My” what a menu! Here is Our Partial Menu List below:

Macaroni & Cheese
Candied Yams
Lima Beans
Potato Salad
Rice & Gravy
Salad of your choice
Cranberry Sauce
Rolls and/or Cornbread
Brewed Tea and/or Lemonade
Peach Cobbler

Do We Need More, I don’t think so…but I suspect there will be! If this list
doesn’t excite you and get your taste buds going then please feel free to add
whatever you like. How about a Seafood night the next night? Seafood could be
really reasonable in Ft. Lauderdale. We could also have an old fashion home
cooking Fish Fry since the bay and dock is right out our back door…so bring your

We’re all are looking forward to great food and fun fellowship with everyone
as usual. Please bring your suggestions for next years northern location as we
will discuss our 2012 Thanksgiving plans while we’re all together! If you have
an idea now, please email us your thoughts. Just because you’re not there this
year doesn’t mean that your opinion and suggestions don’t count. Everyone’s early
information may allow us to get ahead of the research and have some nice
detailed ideas to share with everyone while we are all in Ft. Lauderdale in just
2 weeks!

Stay tuned for the next Ft. Lauderdale update! Even though we normally make
this a time of fun and relaxation with each other inside, there are so many
things that we can do as a group outside of the house together! I will send you
links to Shopping, Outdoor Activities and More!

Until then folks, stay blessed and excited as we’re planning for a great time!

As of right now the weather in Ft. Lauderdale is beautiful and in the 80s! We hope that last until we all get there in just a few more weeks!

Jenkins Family Committee Members

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