FDI Free Pharmacy Discount Card

FDI pharmacy discount card is 100% Free to have and Free to use month after month with no renewal fees. So I ask you, Who do you know that could use a free pharmacy discount card that can help them save money every time they fill and or refill a prescription?

If you or others you know would like to receive a the free FDI pharmacy discount card in your mailbox please register to do so by following the simple directions below.

  1. Click Here and Select your Country and then hit the CONTINUE button
  2. Select the option in the First drop down box that says “Entity Type” 
  3. Also Select Item #90102Free Preferred Customer Kit when
  4. Fill out the remaining info on that page

NOTE: Please make sure that your mailing and email address is correct. You will not receive your free FDI Pharmacy Discount card if we can not verify your mailing and email address. Get your Free FDI Pharmacy Discount card by Clicking Here Now.

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