Probiotics, Antioxidants & Youngevity Chocolate

Youngevity’s Triple Treat Chocolate just might be your richest source of antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics on the market today! You can spend time to find the right flavor yogurt with low to no amounts of probiotics and antioxidants or you can just enjoy the Ultimate Guilt-Free Chocolate Experience of Youngevity’s Triple Treat Chocolate that’s not only healthy but will WOW your taste buds too!

Antioxidants are measured by what they call the O.R.A.C. score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). This measurement has become the current industry standard for assessing the antioxidant strength of whole foods, juices and food additives. So the higher the measurement of the ORAC score. People are always seeking to consume high amounts of antioxidants because of the studies being linked to the ability to fight off Free Radicals that can cause unhealthy conditions and diseases in our bodies. Now comes the another comes another breakthrough in the form of Probiotics. If you have seen the latest Activia yogurt commercials, you will see why the big upswing in sales of yogurt. So what is probiotics and why they’re so important? Here’s a brief overview and excerpt that I found on below:

Probiotics May Benefit an Array of Ailments

Although evidence is still being gathered, researchers say there are enough data to rate the effectiveness of probiotics for several specific illnesses. In 2008, a panel of experts at Yale University reviewed the latest findings. They concluded that probiotics are most effective for:

  • Acute childhood diarrhea
  • Preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  • Preventing pouchitis, an intestinal inflammation that can follow serious intestinal surgery
  • Regulating immune response
  • Treating and preventing eczema associated with cow’s milk allergy

Probiotics may also be useful in unexpected ways. A study published in 2010 suggests that probiotics may decrease the risk of common childhood problems such as ear infections, strep throat, colds, and diarrheal illness. The study included 638 children aged 3 to 6 in day care centers/schools. The children who drank a yogurt drink containing a probiotic were 19% less likely to come down with a common infection.

Are Probiotic Supplements or Foods Best?

Probiotics come in many forms, including powders, tablets, capsules, and foods such as yogurts and dairy drinks. The form you take them in doesn’t matter, experts say, as long as it contains enough live organisms to begin growing in the intestines. “”
The full WebMD article By Peter Jaret (reviewed By Louise Chang, MD) above can be found on

Enjoy the Ultimate Guilt-Free Chocolate Experience of Youngevity’s Triple Treat Chocolate is not only healthy will WOW your taste buds too!

Youngevity’s new Triple Treat Chocolate blends antioxidant-rich cocoa, wild-craft blueberries and more probiotics than Activia yogurt, with a taste that your taste buds simply won’t believe! Whoever said healthy foods can’t taste great never tasted Triple Treat Chocolate squares from Youngevity. I have yet to see a yogurt with half as much Probiotics that’s in 1 single serving piece of this creamy chocolate. The ORAC of over 15,000 units per serving is higher than any wellness juices single serving from the likes Xango, Monavie, Noni and anything else on the market that I have seen so far. it’s always believed in the wellness industry while the products are good for you, the taste can be not so good….Not This…because It’s CHOCOLATE! The healthiest chocolate is waiting for you now!

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