Youngevity-Escape International Homebase Business Opportunity

Hello Prospective Partners,

Many people have been replying to my blogs and sending me emails to be requested to be notified when the Merger of Youngevity and Escape International Global homebase business would be available for you. I just wanted to let you know that you are now able to bring this once of a lifetime opportunity to your country starting today! Timing can sometimes be so crucial in any type of business. Your timing to bring this amazing Opportunity could not have arrived at a better time for you and others who need your EscapeofYoungevity products and services.

The merger of these 2 companies will bring you the best of the best DOCUMENTED Wellness and Skincare products from around the world. Services such as Travel, Online Shopping and Telecom are available to make money in while services such as Home Finance and Insurance are being added starting starting Sept 1, 2010 too! Just imagine for a minute being able to help someone become debt free and improve their health with the current money that they’re making right now with one simple piece of advice….How many people do you think would want this in your country and other countries such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, United States, Canada to name a few and many more!

You now have a Global opportunity to help our struggling global community to help the average person put more money back into their homes, health and dreams! Join us now at and “Let’s tell the World before the World tells you” and be in front of the biggest merger of the Wellness industry online companies to ever take place in our time!

You will have access to Free Personalized Websites, Ad Banners, Email program, Web Counters, Videos, Audios, Flyers, Tech Support, Online Trainings, Customized Back-Office and more to help you Build, Track and Support your business in many ways!

Click here to Join Now

If all you would like to do is get Preferred Pricing with a Free Personalized website to some of the best Wellness and Skincare products ANYWHERE online Without becoming a part of a Network Marketing company, Just make sure you choose the “Preferred Customer” option in the First drop down box that says “Entity Type” AND Also select Item #90102Preferred Customer Kit  when you Click Here!

Bruce Jacobs
Area Director
Northeast Region
TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY, by empowering the masses of ordinary people who willing to accomplish extraordinary things with the best Income Opportunity, Support and Integrity!

Genesis Family Power Team


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