Escape Int’l Launch & Merger is Almost Here!

Ok Folks,

This just keep getting Better and Better as we are only 5 days away from going GLOBAL! Everyday last week the CEO/Owner of Escape International has been leaking bits and pieces about the upcoming events of the pending International launch This Coming Friday-July 23, 2010. Get a Taste, a Glimpse and Get the Vision that he shared last week by Clicking Here Now You can ONLY download this MP3 file for the next 5 days

Do yourself a favor… Get on as many of the company calls this week-Today thru Thursday! Don’t miss out on this historical event, or you will miss out on being a part of history… for more details call Phone # 712-432-7508 – Pincode: 372273# After you have decided that you liked what you heard, comeback and Position Yourself Now by Clicking Here

Make sure you stay tuned to my blog for up to the minute details about the biggest Merger that’s spreading Internationally in less than 6 days! Be the first in your country and Tell the World before the World Tells You…and reap the Rewards!

Bruce Jacobs
Area Director
TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY, by empowering the masses of ordinary people who willing to accomplish extraordinary things with the best Income Opportunity, Support and Integrity!

Genesis Family Power Team/NJ-Member

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