Escape International July 23 Relaunch

New Escape Logo

Hold On To Your Seats And Check Out What’s Happening With The Escape Re-Launch

Dear Escape IBOs,

Escape’s dream has always been to provide you with a business where you could become “burden free”…

… where you could pay off all your debt and even earn enough to leave your job and LIVE LIFE…

…a business where you would have control of your weekdays, rather than just your weekends…

…where you’d have the money to do new things and see new places…In Other Words TO ESCAPE!

Escape also focuses on providing “wellness” in people’s lives; to provide energy and pain free living; and to improve their quality of life.

In summary, Escape’s passion is for you to have freedom from debt, freedom from jobs, freedom from money concerns, and freedom from sickness. Simply put, we want you to be able to ESCAPE the things that shackle most people.

With that Cause in mind, Escape has crafted a partnership that will make the relaunched Escape an improved Escape. Check this out….

  • Build Your Business Internationally
  • Enjoy A Financially Strengthened Company
  • Participate in an improved Pay Plan that has been increased by 10-15%
  • Utilize new and Improved tools, brochures, etc.
  • Stay plugged in with Improved systems for connecting with the Company, your upline and your downline
  • Track your business better with an improved online rep back office
  • Get phone support later in the evening with extended office hours and added staff
  • Receive the benefits of an Expert Science Board for nutrition product development -second to none in the industry
  • Save and Earn from several more high incentive stores and services in Aisle19
  • Benefit From additional wellness products which include nutrition bars, sport drinks, energy drinks and even antioxidant rich healthy chocolates.
  • Grow and help others by following the structured Training and Leader Development.

These enhanced features and benefits prove Escape is focused on helping us achieve what we joined this company for…to ESCAPE.

Don’t miss out on this event, or you will miss out on being a part of history…

To purchase your tickets, log into your Escape Back Office and select item #001 or If You are NOT an Escape IBO… Click Here Now to Signup

Come and be a part of this once in a lifetime launch!

More info about this event can be found at or Click Here Now for Audio

You can also get more info by listening to our SPECIAL Mon- Fri (This Week Only) June 28th- July 1rst at 9:30pm (EST)

Hear from the Owner and CEO of Escape International speak at 9:30pm (EST) about this HUGE Event that will re-Shape the Industry of Network Marketing!

Call Phone #: 712-432-7508Pincode: 372273# at 9:30pm (EST)

Then Comeback to this message and let me help you position yourself and your team with the #1 Team in the company by Clicking Here Now to Signup 

Bruce Jacobs
TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY, by empowering the masses, using ordinary people who will accomplish extraordinary things!


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