Zradical is NOW available in the USA

Zradical fucoidan enriched certified organic juice is the combination of the best of nature and science. This powerful wellness juice blend provides unmatched immune support,healthy cardiovascular function, brain clarity, and joint maintenance. All in a great tasting liquid blend that the whole family will enjoy. Zradical is the only liquid beverage on the market with pure fucoidan using a proprietary cold water vacuum extraction, Zradical supports the immune system, helps joint function and improves healthy cell maintenance. In addition to Fucoidan this proprietary blend also contains:

  1. Fucoidan (see below)
  2. Guanabana Puree
  3. Wolfberry Juice Concentrate
  4. Yumberry Juice Concentrate
  5. Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) Extract
  6. Turmeric
  7. Dragonfruit (Hylocereus Undatus)

Research regarding Fucoidan from seaweed commenced around 1970, and subsequently, Fucoidan has been cited in approximately over 1,300 studies published in the National Library of Medicine’s database. Overall, the findings of this substantial body of scientific research, together with anecdotal evidence provided by a long history of culturally-based use of Fucoidan -rich seaweeds in regions such as Hawaii, Korea, Japan, Polynesia and Tonga, clearly indicate that Fucoidan demonstrates great potential as safe, nutritional support for a wide variety of health conditions. Fucoidan is emerging as one of the most intriguing immune system enhancers of our time, possessing strong inhibitory activity against a number of coated viruses. Its ability to significantly enhance natural killer cell activity also indicates that it can strengthen immunity during the cold and flu season, as well as help protect against formation and growth of abnormal cells. Furthermore, the ability to help maintain cardiovascular and gastric health indicates that Fucoidan may be one of the most important substances ever derived from the sea.

Zradical contains 90% pure Fucoidan which is all most doubled of its nearest competitor! Wen you add in the other Super-Fruit juices and all-natural ingredient blend, Nothing compares to it!

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Bruce Jacobs
Area Director
http://www.zradical.me (An Exclusive EscapeofYoungevity Product)

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